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How can I get out of that CashCall loan?


I have a loan with Cashcall over $10,000 and I pay them 99.75% interest. How can I get out of this trap?


A friend of mine had a cashcall loan at 59% and I was shocked when I found it out. I referred her to and she got the payoff amount ($4300) at 15.85%

Depending on your credit you will get maybe 20% (higher rate because higher amount = more risk)

My friend created her listing Friday evening, the auction lasted 7 days, got the money deposited into her account the following Monday (10 days from start to end including 2 weekends)

When you go to, I suggest to join a group called 'Payday Loan Terminators'

They can help you. I am not afiliated with them, only that I lend money to people on prosper. This is the link to them:

You can also join another group. In general, joining a group increases your chances to get funded at a lower rate.

You may want to list initially at a higher rate e.g. 25% and hope that it gets bid down.

Another good source are their forums:

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