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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Melodie Smith

Name: Melodie Smith


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How are you doing dear?fine i hope..and i hope you're in good health,its so nice to hear from you and i look forward to building something wonderful and worthwhile with you but before then i would like you to know something about me and my present situation and where i am now,so you would know if you still want to stay with me or you would rather prefer to leave me alone in my tears and pains,It's quite a sad story and sometimes,i really don't want to open up to anyone or rather i have no one to open up,you'ru the first person am telling about myself and my present situation and i hope you wont desert me after hearing my story...this is what happened to me and this is where i am now..I am in a country they call NIGERIA in WEST AFRICA due to some tragic incident that happened to me, there's this guy i met him over the internet,We got really close and he asked me to come over here for a visit so i could get to meet him personally,I promised him that i would come since i have never been to to Africa before,i eventually did some weeks ago{5wks to be precise},the day that I arrived,i went to lodge in an hotel rather than stay in his house,i was in my hotel room till the end of the day after which he arrived and informed me that he was going to get dinner and i told him i was tired after a long trip and said i preffered to stay at the hotel room,a few hours later i got a call from the hotels customer sevice that he had been involved in a terrible car accident and he was in coma in the hospital,so i went there to see him and all i knew after then was that i spent all the funds i had on me to save his life,but there was nothing more i could do because he died days after and i just broke down and cried,I cried back the hotel and stayed there,i was shocked and distraught..i was mourning and there was no one to console me,i was all alone and lonely,there was no one i could reach out to and talk to,I just kept asking God why..with the little funds i had left,i had to help the family with the funeral arrangement and all since they are poor but i was compasionate enough to help them give their son a befitting burial..i've been in the hotel ever since and i can't seem to find a way to leave here because some weeks after the incident the hotel management asked me to pay my bills which i was owing for staying there and i could not afford the bills,{there's no one i can contact at home,cos there's no one for me,mom and dad died when i was still 5 and i grew up with my grandparents whom i lost in the hurricane katrina,i never got to know my family members,now am all alone and i need help,where would i get it from ?Would u be able to heal the wound of my heart,and save me from this predicament.My ticket has been seized by the hotel management and if i don't pay my bills there's no way i can leave here or yet meet you to fulfill a long time dream of meeting someone who would put away all this pains and agony that i'm going through and mend my broken heart,there's no shoulder that i can lean on,no one to cuddle me and make me happy. I would like you to know that i'm not putting a burden on you but i know and i am sure that you have a heart that's caring and loving and really want us to be together,i pray that u would not hesitate in getting me away from this place because I would like to be with you,i'm humble,meek and kind and i'm a down earth person,i'm willing to humble myself before you,I hope that with all you know now,you would decide on either leaving me in my pains or taking me away from this place to you.I would be waiting to hear back from you,waitng to hear your voice,if you want to call me,just let me know and i would get the hotels number for you to reach me on..i do hope i get to see you in person someday,waiting to touch your hand someday,waiting to see you smile someday,I have never seen you, but I dont need to see you to know that you are perfect for me.I am torn by the fact that am not sure if i would ever see you in my life because i dont know if you would reply to this email or you would ignore me totally...I believe you're a sweet man and i wish we had met in another way apart from this,i wish i was your next door neighbour or something,maybe we would go for dinner tonight and you would make me happy..but i also thank God that we met this way,because i got a chance to meet a really good person. someone who I can take care of and who is willing to take care of me. I will always be here waiting, no matter how long it takes to be with you..Love has no limit, no set comes when you decide to let it....Kisses Mel

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